2009 Eastern Pennsylvania Regional

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The Eastern Pennsylania Regional VEX Competition is a qualifying event for the VEX World Championships. The first one was held in February of 2009.

2009 Competition

In our first year we had 20 teams representing 14 schools from four states come to play Elevation.

Amaze - Springfield 423B
Build - Driven 76
Innovative - Vexy Things 12C
Driver Skills
- Driven 76 - (43 points) - (12 teams participated)
Autonomous Programming Skills
- Sand Crawlers 12B (18 points) (4 teams participated)
Qualifications / Final Alliances - Top 4 Alliances (Captains first)
1st - 677 Montclair Robotics
631 Strike Force
2nd - 12A Weather Makers
12D Hypnotoads
3rd - 76 Driven Nuts
101 Radnor Robotics
4th - 12c Sand Crawlers
12e Easily Distracted
677 Montclair Robotics
631 Strike Force


76 Driven Nuts
101 Radnor Robotics
677 Montclair Robotics
631 Strike Force

(Winning robots were the snorkle/tread bots)

There were some very close matches from a large variety of competitive robots.

Thanks to everyone that came and participated, thanks to Driven for the loan of your practice field and a big thank you Downingtown Robotics and STEMRobotics for hosting this event. We had over 100 people there and according to the webcast site another 120 people watched.

Good luck to Montclair Robotics, Strike Force, Driven Nuts and the Sand Crawlers in both Dallas and Omaha. You other teams are going to have your hands full with these robots.

2010 Competition

2010 Eastern Pennsylvania Regional took place on 13 March 2010