2013 Southeast Pennsylvania FTC Regional Qualifying Tournament

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Teleoperated portion of qualification match 8

We went (3-2-0) in qualifiers, finishing as 10th seed in a field of 20 teams. We were not selected for eliminations, nor did we win any awards.

We did, however, learn a lot. Had fun too!

What worked

  • We did
  • Inspection
  • Drive-train
  • Stability - even with battery mounted at the lower arm axis
  • Getting on the ramp in autonomous
  • Flag raising (w/ original broken & repaired flag raiser) - new flag raiser is too flexible

What didn't

  • Hanger - pinned the 5/8" tubing, but the set screws did not hold the steel shaft
  • Block collection & scoring - we were a very low-yield block scorer
    • Collection very difficult
    • We generally collect 1 or 2 blocks (never 4)
    • beater bar does not stay on
    • collected blocks are frequently lost (esp with beater bar off)
    • ejected blocks sometimes miss baskets; lost score

Thoughts & observations

  • Hanger
    • Explore alternative approaches
    • Center arm on top tube with independent rotation and spring-loaded lift?
    • If we keep this approach:
      • Need to key the steel drive shaft - and if possible increase the shaft diameter - Maybe hardened steel shaft
      • Hooks should probably be reversed & lowered; back up to engage
      • Latex tubing "springs" can assist lift once shafts are secured
      • Current hooks higher than they need to be
      • Alignment seems reasonably straightforward
  • Block collector
    • Ability of arm to travel past straight up and to score on opposite side would speed scoring as the robot would not need to turn around
      • Requires "losing" the 4-bar arm (maybe)
    • Explore alternative approaches
  • Lego autonomous dumper
    • Seems to show promise
    • Consider a servo replacement?

SE Pennsylvania FTC Qualifier Photo Gallery