2019 Suzhou International Youth Robotics Maker Camp

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This page is part of a series covering Team 1640's 2019 trip to China as an invited team for the RCC Qianjiang International Robotics Open. Other pages related to our China trip are:

During opening ceremonies, the ten International teams were matched up with ten Chinese pre-rookie teams. These pairs works together to complete the pre-rookies teams' robots for the RCC competition.

FRC 1640 teamed up with team 9047 Detector from Shenzhen (深圳) for this workshop.

Opening Ceremony - 28-July-2019

Robotics Maker Camp - Day 1 - 28-July-2019

Robotics Maker Camp - Day 2 - 29-July-2019

Robotics Maker Camp - Day 3 - 30-July-2019