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Why have an Art and Animation Team?

One of the most important and often over looked parts of robotics is the visual appeal of the robot and the extension of the robot team's brand. Famous teams have recognized brands:

  • MOE - 365 - Everything is covered with neon green paint
  • Royal Assault - 357 - Purple and Gold with the Jester logo
  • Rolling Thunder - 1511 - Red and Black camouflage with the Tank logo

Our brand is the electronic screwdriver logo and our schools colors of Blue and Gold. It is up to the Art team to make sure that our brand is incorporated into every thing we do and present.

Part of our efforts are also to make sure that our program displays the FIRST brand and the brand marks of our lead sponsors.

Robot Art

The Art Team works with the design and construction teams to make sure that there is space on the robot for our team information and sponsor logos.

In some cases the team may be asked to create control panel overlays for the operator interface, graphics that help the drivers operate the robot efficiently.

In 2009 our branding extended to the crate used to ship the robot. While it's seen by a limited number of people, it is seen in the pits. This is another example of reinforcing the brand.

Media Art

There is a variety of advertising, posters, presentations etc. While the copy is created and managed by the Media Team, all of the graphics come from the Art Team.

Print media

The Art and Media teams create a large amount of print information including hallway posters, handouts, brochures, sponsorship requests, etc. All of it needs the team branding.

Web media

We are on the web in a number of locations. First is our website, it is the showcase for Downingtown Robotics. The art work needs to reflect the FRC, VRC and FLL teams.

Banners and Signs

One of the biggest pieces of art work is the pit banner. It displays our team name and is how other teams identify us. It is also the key location for sponsor recognition. We take it to all of our event, even public outreach.


There are a number of competitions associated with the FIRST program. One of these is the Autodesk Competition:

All 2009 FIRST Robotics Competition teams are invited to create a 30 second animation submission for the Autodesk Visualization Design Competition using Autodesk 3ds Max software that was donated by Autodesk. Teams are challenged to design an animation that best demonstrates the concept of the theme, showcases creativity and technical execution.

Each year we create and submit an animation for this contest. The animations are judged at the regional events, so we have two chances each year to win an award.

Art for the VRC Teams

Each year we create a new tee-shirt for the Vex teams to wear. The Art Team takes input from the VRC teams and creates a tee-shirt design. The design is also used on the media packages that are used for the VRC teams.

Art for the FLL Teams