DC Knights Middle School and High School 2011

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On Saturday 26 February we played at the DC Knights combined High School and Middle School VEX event. Four of our teams that had qualified for World Championships played in the High School Division, 11 of the teams played in the Middle School Division.

We had a great day and all 4 teams made the eliminations. Our Team 96 made the finals of the High School elimination. Harry did a super job of driving all day.

On the Middle School side, we were 11 of the 19 teams that played. We pretty much dominated the day. All the Downingtown teams were in the eliminations. The final consisted of six Downingtown teams (which made it hard to root for one side or the other, I just elected to scream "Go Downingtown" during the final two matches. )

We qualified three new teams for Worlds, bringing our total to 8 (out of 15). The big win of the day was having Cheryl Foster be recognized as the regional Mentor of the Year. She has been with our program for just over a year. Cheryl is one of our adult mentors that do not have children in the program. She has been a huge inspiration to one of our all girl teams.

High School Awards

Design Award

  • 23A Downingtown Area Robotics

Judges Award

  • 96 Downingtown Area Robotics

Middle School Awards

Excellence Award

  • 84 Downingtown Area Robotics

Tournament Champions

  • 23B STEMRobotics
  • 82 Downingtown Area Robotics
  • 92 Downingtown Area Robotics

Amaze Award

  • 23D STEMRobotics

Build Award

  • 23C STEMRobotics

Design Award

  • 740A Chichester Middle School

Mentor of the Year

  • Cheryl Foster - Team 90