DEWBOT IX FRC Championship

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Einstein semifinal 2-1
We won Newton Division at the FRC Championship in St.Louis. Our sincerest gratitude to alliance partners teams 303 (alliance captain Test Team) from Bridgewater, NJ and 3476 (Code Orange) from Dana Point, CA. What a tremendous alliance! As Newton's 3rd alliance, we went through Newton eliminations without loss (6-0); racking up Newton Division's highest score (247 points; 440 points combined) during the 1st of the Newton finals matches against the 1st alliance (comprising teams 1538 (Holy Cows) from San Diego CA, 1986 (team Titanium) from Lee's Summit MO and 217 (ThunderChickens) from Sterling Heights MI - awesome teams all).

On to Einstein Field! 1640's first time. We started well against Galileo's champions (teams 1241 (Theory 6) from Mississauga ON Canada, 610 (Crescent Coyotes) from Toronto ON Canada, and 1477 (Texas Torque) from The Woodlands, TX), defeating them 199 to 176 in the first match. Alas, we lost the next two and Galileo went on to become FRC Champions for 2013. They were a great alliance and deserved the win.

We started qualifications in a bad way. Our shooter lost its mojo again (we found it). We couldn't climb (we fixed this). We ran a match with our shooter motor disconnected (embarrassing!). We had our only climb misalignment in our last qual match in front of every judge evaluating our performance and let go of the pole to fall on our rear end (can I repeat embarrassing?). Despite these travails, we finished qualifications as 24th seed (out of 100) with a (5-3-0) record.

Overall, this was an enormous performance by the team, bringing us to a competitive level which had hitherto been no more than a dream. Our drive team was awesome - any other description falls short. Our scouting was timely and spot-on. Our pit crew kept everything together and jumped to the competition's needs.

We received three other unofficial peer accolades:

  • Best Climber Award from 1511 (Rolling Thunder)
  • Captain Ice3 FIRST Galaxy Award from 1305 (Ice3)
  • We are now 58th of 469 in the "Team of the Decade" Championship Elimination rankings

Match Results

CMP 2013 matchresults.jpg



Drive Team

  • Douglas M - Driver
  • Kira K - Operator
  • Patrick C - Human Player

Pit Crew

  • Molly K - Pit Captain
  • DJ R - Pit Liaison, Programming
  • Kira K - Mechanical
  • Patrick C - Mechanical
  • Brad M - Electrical


  • DJ R (pit)
  • Mike (pit) - Programming lead
  • Kevin
  • Rachel
  • Hannah


  • Lucy - Scouting lead
  • Ian
  • Mike
  • Kevin
  • Rachel
  • Hannah


  • Kenneth - Photography & Cinematography


  • Clem McKown - Head Mentor, Pit & Elimination Crew, Photography
  • Siri Maley - Drive Coach & Team Strategist, Pit & Elimination Crew Lead
  • Scott Featherman - Pit Crew & Electrical Adviser
  • Julie Christopher - Pit Crew & Programming Adviser
  • Faith McKown - Logistics
  • John Weissman
  • Sue Weissman - Photography
  • Mike Rizzo - Referee & Most Senior FIRSTer at the Competition
  • Andrew Weissman - Pit Crew (Mechanical), Scouting
  • Julie Kulik
  • Rich Kulik


  • Ellen Kellom
  • Marianna Curran
  • Rich & Susan Tipperman
  • Bryan Schwenk
  • George Christopher
  • Ruth Morganto
  • Gillian C
  • Jarryd F
  • David Moyer


  • Mike Rizzo - Mentor, Referee
  • Sasha Wall - Alumna, Field Reset
  • Nicole Wall - Alumna, Field Reset
  • Rita Wall - Alumni Parent, Judge

Championship Photo Gallery