DEWBOT IX Monty Madness

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Our first off-season and dedicated to training; especially driver training, but prospective coaches, operators and human players were able to try their hand as well. We finished qualification rounds (5:1:0) 6th seed out of 42 teams participating.

1640 led the 6th alliance, joined by 303 (Test Team) and 3314 (Mechanical Mustangs). Alas, we lost in the quarterfinals to 2590 (Nemesis), 1676 (The Pascack Pi-Oneers) & 1626 (Falcon Robotics), a powerful alliance who went on to become finalists.

Who was there

Students: Douglas, Molly, DJ, Yahya, Kira, Ian, Patrick C, Patrick D, Fatima, Rachael, Hannah, Brad, Adam
Mentors: Siri Maley, Mike Rizzo, Michael Geldart, Ben Kellom, John Weissman, Faith & Clem McKown, Ben Rajcan, Paul Klufas
Family & Alumni: Deborah Drago, Marianna Curran, Ellen Kellom, Rich Tipperman, Sasha Wall, Carly McKown

Driver: Kira
Operators: Patrick C, DJ
Coaches: Siri Maley, Andrew Weissman, Michael Geldart
Human Player: Hannah, Fatima
Administrator: Faith McKown
Pit Captain: Molly
Scouts: Ian, Rachael, Hannah, Fatima

Monty Madness Photo Gallery