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Okay. Shop organization has not hitherto been a strong suit for Team 1640. But things change. We spent far too much time looking for things last year.

Mechanical Parts Shelves

Mechanical parts shelves 1, 2 & 3
Three 36" x 24" shelf units are allocated to mechanical parts.

Bolts have been re-organized from type-based (SHCS, BHCS & FHCS) to size-based (¼-20, 10-32, 8-32, 6-32 & 4-40). Double hinge storage boxes keep bolts in the bottom and nuts in the top trays. Bolt boxes are not stacked, allowing easy access.

Whenever practical, parts have been consolidated into 15 QT Hefty clear storage bins in lieu of large crates (our traditional standard parts storage) and smaller divided boxes. The Hefty bins and divided boxes are stackable. All crates, bins and boxes are clearly labeled, as are their positions on the storage shelves. The key take-away: things have a place where they belong. In principle, it's easier to put things away if there's a place they belong.


Step one in tool organization was to understand what tools we used and when and why we used them. Starting with allen keys, wrenches and drill bits, we analyzed what tools were needed for the different bolt and nut sizes the team commonly used and assigned colors to the allen keys and wrenches. An inventory was taken and, where necesssary, additional tools purchased (only in the sizes used).