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Student Lead: Michael M.

Student Sub-Lead: Dhananjay (DJ)

Student Team Members: Nicole, Patrick D., Sarah, Quinn, Kenneth

Mentors: Juliet Christopher (Programming), Scott Featherman (Electrical), John Stumpo

Hybrid Scenarios

  1. Tip first, then move to key and shoot
    1. Then set up to steal
    2. Then collect and possibly shoot and set up to steal (if Kinect)
  2. Shoot first
    1. Then set up to steal
    2. Then tip and then collect and possibly shoot and set up to steal (if Kinect)

For all scenarios: Have option to delay shooting until a certain number of seconds has elapsed in order to coordinate with alliance members.

Status: Autonomous structure includes delay for specified time, shoot at specified power, move straight (time and power), crab at specified angle, and "spit out" balls; switches select which script file to run.

Vision Processing for Auto-Aiming

After rough alignment by driver (or by pre-match setup), scan using spin to get target box. Stop when target box numbers exceed specified threshold.

Status: Standalone application tested sending UDP packets and robot code moving based on UDP packets received; need to reverify that code is working.

Driving Modes

  1. "Fat Snake" : snake or automobile with long axis as front/back; used for ball collection, bridge crossing and balancing
  2. "Turret Twist" : spin around center of bot to aim for shooting
  3. "Skinny Snake" : snake or automobile with short axis as front/back; used for barrier crossing
  4. Crab : for evasion
  5. "Barrier Mode" : "Skinny Snake" plus coordinating pneumatic barrier wheels with direction of travel

Status: Completed and stable.

Ball Lift Management

Status: Appears to be working on Prime.


Status: Need to tune PID to control wheel speed for shooting for Prime; Deux's shooting seems reliable.


Status: Option to run default gesture processing code added; need to review robot code for different gestures; testing on full practice field in St. Louis is needed.