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Head Mentor: Clem McKown

Student Lead: Sasha


Scott Featherman
Gary Deaver
David Moyer
Ben Kellom
Siri Maley
Dan Walker

Center of Gravity Envelope - Rick Kulik - 12-Jan

So, the other day we were trying to figure out the CG envelope for the robot to ensure that it wouldn't tip when going over the barrier. I came up with a spreadsheet that takes the input of a wheel radius and gives you the allowable CG envelope to not tip going over the barrier on both the short side of the robot and long side of the robot. It also tells you if the wheel size will fit in that direction (4 wheel drive).
  1. Dynamic Forces were not accounted for. This is a purely static (dimensional) exercise, so the momentum and any other shifts, etc from going over the barrier are not taken into account.
  2. The "h" is vertical distance of the CG relative to the wheel axles (wheel radius).
  3. The "L" is horizontal distance of the CG relative to the frame edge.
  4. I allowed 1 inch on the outside of the wheel for the frame (2 inches off the max allowed frame dimensions)
To use:
  1. input desired wheel radius (note via green or red whether it'll fit - this may not work from converting back from Excel 2007))
  2. go to Long Side or Short Side sheet.
  3. Sort Column "F" so that "1" (true) is not showing.
  4. View envelope chart pasted on the sheet.

Use the CG Worksheet.