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2228's (Cougar Tech's) gracious Most Creative Robot Award
DEWBOT VII's first competition was at the Finger Lakes Regional at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. This is Team 1640's 2nd consecutive year participating in this regional. We selected this regional because: 1) we wanted to gain experience in an early (1st week, if possible) regional; 2) we have friendly/family connections with local Team 1511 (Rolling Thunder); and 3) it is within reasonable driving distance (356 mi, about 6 hours). After our 2nd time participating here, I also have to add that I enjoy the good company.

Sab-BOT-age did pretty well in Rochester this year. While 24th seed, we were selected for playoffs by the 4th alliance. Our alliance defeated the 5th alliance (containing 1511) in two matches in the quarterfinals, advancing to the semifinals. Alas, we were defeated in the semifinals by the 1st alliance, which contained the two top seeded teams. The 1st alliance went on to win the Regional.

While 1640 won no official awards at Finger Lakes, Team 2228 (Cougar Tech, Honeoye Falls, NY) graciously awarded us their "Most Creative Robot" award. Thanks, Cougar Tech!

Match Results & Standings

Rank: 24 of 44 (48%)
Qualifying Match Record: 4-6-0
Qualifying Score: 8.00 (avg 9.8, top 20, stdev 3.9)
Ranking Score: 22.20 (avg 15.8, top 28.5, stdev 5.2)
Average Score (Average Winning Margin): 10.00 (-6.1)
Offensive Power Rating (Regional Rank): 9.9 (19 of 44) (avg 8.2, top 64.2, stdev 12)
Calculated Contribution to Winning Margin (Regional Rank): -18.6 (38 of 44)
Estimated Robot Contribution: 10-18
Minibot Contribution: 0
(Courtesy of FIRST & 2834)

Qualification Matches:

Match 6: swift 6-0 victory - good start! (Carly, Sasha, Matt, Siri)
Match 12: hard defeat 6-43 against eventual 7th and 11th seeds - good job 1511 (Carly, Sasha, Matt, Siri)
Match 22: impressive 72-33 victory - helping undefeated eventual champions 2056 (Carly, Sasha, Andrew, Siri)
Match 28: another 29-7 victory (Carly, Sasha, Matt, Clem)
Match 31: painful 36-44 loss (Carly, Sasha, Andrew, Clem) - one alliance robot was a no-show
Match 38: hard 9-67 loss (Carly, Sasha, Matt, Clem)
Match 45: painful 24-66 loss (Carly, Sasha, Andrew, Clem)
Match 54: rough but understandable 18-62 loss against eventual 1st undefeated seed champions, 6th seed, and our own semi-finalist alliance captain (Carly, Sasha, Andrew, Clem)
Match 63: another crushing 23-102 loss (Carly, Sasha, Matt, Clem)
Match 73: breaking the streak! A solid 77-60 victory, we'll get our mojo back yet (Carly, Sasha, Matt, Siri)

We were selected by 145 and 1551 to join Alliance 4!

Elimination Matches:
Carly, Sasha, Matt, Siri

QF 2-1: 54-0 victory over Alliance 5 (3799, 1511, 164)
QF 2-2: wheels froze up for closer 45-38 victory: we're semifinalists!
SF 1-1: crushing 113-6 defeat against Alliance 1 (eventual champions) after both our partners broke down and our arm motor failed
SF 1-2: more broken robots, 94-6 defeat



Matt - Co-Captain & Human Player
Carly - Co-Captain & Driver
Sasha - Team Safety Captain & Arm Operator
Molly - Pit Captain
Douglas - Competition/Pit Safety Captain
Andrew - Human Player
Ben R - Pit programmer
DJ - Pit programmer
Mike M - Pit programmer
Selina - Scouting
Jack - Scouting
Nicole - Scouting lead
Yahya - Scouting
Kira - Scouting
Ben B - Scouting


Ben Kellom - Pit Mentor
Faith McKown - Administration
Siri Maley - Coach & Scouting
Jen Stanton - 1640 Alum, 1511 mentor & RIT student, Scouting
Mike Rizzo - Competition Volunteer & Referee
Rita Wall
Clem McKown - Head Mentor & Coach


Joe Morganto - Scouting
Ellen Kellom

Finger Lakes Regional Photo Gallery