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21 and 22-July-2011 at Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis, IN. This is our 2nd consecutive year of participation in the Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI)! Scaled down and made more selective than last year, with only 66 teams, IRI is the most exciting and selective of all off-season competitions.

Check out the event website for details.


DB7 IRI minibot deployed 110722 csm.jpg

Twenty one members of Downingtown Area Robotics made the long (but fun) drive to Indianapolis on Thursday. All cars this year kept the same pace and we arrived about 8 PM.

The team arrived at the event on Friday at 7:30 AM sharp and quickly set up for our first matches.

Our experienced driver, Carly, was ill and unable to drive on Friday. As a result, Andrew drove most of our matches this day. It's hard to imagine a tougher place to start driver training. Andrew did a great job, but our lack of experience impacted our ranking. Siri coached throughout. Sasha & Andrew played all matches, but with shifting roles.

The evening meal was served by the host teams, lasagna and salad with cupcakes (there's a cupcake theme here). After dinner we stayed for the fabulous talent show.

Saturday was our last three qualification matches, which we lost. Carly was back and drove for two of these, but we lost robot communications in both of these matches, so there was not really a lot of driving done. We finished in 58th place overall (of 66) for the event. Disappointing but not surprising.

During the lunch break 1640 mentors Foster Schucker and Mike Rizzo showed their stuff in a Mentor only tournament. This tournament had competing mentors racing on chasses to place their minibots on poles to score. Foster won the QF match and advanced to the semifimals, but was alas disqualified.

Pit breakdown was fast and efficient. We watched some of the elimination part of the tournament. This was truely first class performance.

After the awards, the team stuck around to help disassemble and pack up the field. We hadn't broken down a field since Hartford. The team worked together, had a great time, and our help was appreciated by our hosts.

The team (excluding Molly & Kira, who were Arkansas-bound) moved on to Dayton Saturday evening to all ow us an early start at the Air Force Museum. Stopped on the way for a Chinese buffet team dinner where everyone was able to get just what they wanted.

We all visited the National Air Force Museum Sunday morning. Everyone arrived home safe and happy.


There were 26 of us that went to IRI, some people wrote trip reports and they can be found on the DEWBOT VII IRI Trip Reports page (or click their names below).

Team Photo
Andrew - Driver / Arm Operator / Strategy / Mechanical Pit Crew
Sasha - Arm Operator / Driver / Strategy / Mechanical Pit Crew
Carly - Driver / Strategy
Doug - Human Player / Mechanical Pit Crew
Molly - Pit Captain
Nicole - Scouting Lead
Michael M - Lead Pit Programmer
DJ - Pit Programmer
Ben B - Scouting
Ian - Scouting
Kira - Scouting
Jack - Scouting


Clem - Head Mentor / Pit Manager / Photographer / Strategy / Honda Driver
Faith - Tour Manager / Van & Trailer Driver
Foster - Mentor Match Contestant / Van Driver
Heather - Mechanical Pit Crew
Rita - NEMO Meeting / Car Driver
Rizzo - Referee / Mentor Match Contestant & Van Driver
Siri - Coach / Strategy / Mechanical Pit Crew
Julie C - Head Programming Mentor
Paul - Programming Adviser

Parents & Family

Ruth Morganto
Ben Kellom
Ellen Kellom - NEMO Meeting
David Moyer

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