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Head Mentor: Julie Christopher
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DB7 robot deux wired 110206 csm.jpg

Consultant Mentors: Jon Davis, Paul Klufas

Student Lead: Ben R.

Team: DJ, Mike, Corey, Ben B., Yahya

Programming Notes

Needs to be filled in...

  • Autonomous
    • Straight line
    • Outer pegs
    • Branching
  • Drive
    • Controls
    • Core
    • Modes
      • New "snake"
      • "Mirror" mode
  • Arm
    • Controls
    • PID tuning
    • Max/min angles
    • Preset heights

Punchlists for Testing

File:Punchlist 20110207.pdf

File:Punchlist 20110208.pdf

Programming Language

We will be using FRC Labview software and provided libraries for programming the robot. Be sure to check the FRC Software Updates page for mandatory updates.

Source Control Repository

We will be using a Mercurial repository on (It is a private repository, so you will need the username and password to use it.)

TortoiseHG is a good GUI for using Mercurial on a Windows computer. Command-line Mercurial is available for Mac OS X from the Mercurial site.

Software Development Method

We will be using the Scrum methodology, which a method of agile software development. We will have a brief 15-minute meeting at the beginning of each day we meet and team members will report on:

  • what they did since the last meeting,
  • what they are planning to do next, and
  • what obstacles, if any, are preventing them from completing their tasks.

The product backlog will come from whole Team 1640 meetings which will provide a prioritized list of high-level desired features for the robot. During a sprint planning meeting, we will choose the highest priority features and break them into programming tasks, which will become our sprint backlog. Our sprints will last approximately 7 days; a sprint review meeting will be held at the end of the sprint to demo the working software and get feedback. Sprint planning and sprint review meetings will be held on weekends.


For ideas about sensors and their programming, check out FRC Team 272's seminar presentation and their 2010 code (which is in C/C++). They also have many other presentations and code examples available on their Website (click on "Ideas" on the left-hand side).