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DEWBOT VI design (4-Feb)
Head Mentor: Clem McKown

Student Lead: Paul


Foster Schucker
Jon Davis
Scott Featherman
Gary Deaver
David Moyer

Provisional Pivot Drive Chassis Drawings - 1-January-2010 - Clem

A body of Drawings have been created using AutoDesk Inventor based upon a provisional Pivot Drive design. pdf versions of these drawings are provided below.

In addition, there are a couple useful excel worksheets

BUMP traverse analysis & Proposed Drive-train/Chassis - 13-January-2010 - Clem

Read Over the Hump, an analysis of a proposed Drive-train / Chassis (4-wheel Pivot Drive with 4" wheels and 28" wheelbase) traversing Breakaway's BUMP.

On Monday, 11-Jan, we decided on:

  • Using 4wd
  • Pivot is our 1st choice in drive-train. If this is impractical, we would use Mecanum drive or would fix the Pivots and drive as a Tank.
  • Robot frame needs to avoid ball entrapment
  • We want to be able to go over bumps and through the tunnel
  • We want to hang from the tower. If we need to decide between hanging and going through the tunnel, we'll select hanging.
  • In Autonomous, we should
  • Score 1 ball if in the alliance zone & clear the goal area
  • Score or move-to-alliance-zone 2 balls if in Mid Field
  • Move 3 balls to Alliance Zone or Mid Field if in Opposing Field
  • We could have a Herder/Pusher and a Kicker. Maybe on opposite ends (or not)
  • We need to begin prototyping Kickers / Herders / Pushers
  • Need a Chassis / Drive-train design fast.
  • First field element priority of the BUMP. Second is GOAL & VISION TARGET. Then TUNNEL & TOWER.

My stream-of-conciousness first-thought slides on Breakaway and DEWBOT VI are posted here.

2010 Kit of Parts Motor Curves available (xls format).

Drawings Posted - 17-January-2010 - Clem

Fabricated Pivot Parts drawings are available. These take into account both the experience with the prototype and the requirements of Breakaway.

State of the Robot - 3-February-2010 - Clem

4-Feb design
Clem has written paper State of the Robot that describes where we are at the half way point of the season. From the executive summary:
We’re just past the mid-point of build season. This provides a good opportunity to summarize what the team has achieved, what we’ve yet to do, and where we are going.
Our game strategy for BREAKAWAY is centered on scoring competence with the game’s soccer balls. Our Pivot drive-train will give us the agility we need to quickly approach and line up balls for scoring. Our Kicker will be able to loft balls over bumps and, with the vision system, should score reliably from at least Mid-Field. We will be able to cross bumps and drive through the tunnels to move between zones. DEWBOT VI will not elevate or suspend at the match’s end.
All of DEWBOT VI’s drive-train components and the welded chassis frame are complete. The team will be assembling the drive-train onto the chassis tonight.
The robot control (cRIO) and motor controller (Jaguar) panels are wired and ready to install on the chassis as well. These will go on as soon as the drive-train assembly is complete. Two additional electrical panels are needed for the Power Distribution, controller side-cars, digital relays (Spikes) and solenoids.
We need to get the robot driving so that we can test control code, train drivers and develop tactics.
A kicker has been designed based on prototype testing. Kicker fabrication will start after we have a driving robot.

So at the half way point we are doing well in some areas, and need to finish up in others. We've had a great deal of effort by both students and mentors to get to this point along with super support from our parents.

Crossing the Bump - 5-February-2010 - Clem

We really did it!
Running the Bump - An analysis of DEWBOT VI climbing the bump in "Landscape" (y) orientation, then pivoting wheels to drive along the bump in "Portrait" (x) direction. This doesn't work.

Over the Hump (reprise) - An updated analysis of DEWBOT VI crossing the bump in "portrait" (x) direction. This analysis includes the current design's Center-of-Mass.

Of course, we've crossed the bump successfully already. These analyses predate the bump crossing (the posting doesn't).

Proxy Frame Design - 6-February-2010 - Clem

The proxy chassis drawings are posted here. The proxy chassis will be used to build and test the kicker, and also for the development, construction and testing of the other ball handling systems (e.g., the possessor and the centeror). By utilizing the proxy chassis in lieu of the robot for this work, we free up the robot for the programming and field sub-teams to do their work without interferrence. When done, we will transfer the ball-handling systems over to the robot.

We cut most of the metal for the proxy chassis last evening. We'll start welding after the snow stops.

DEWBOT VI Bill of Materials - 2-March-2010 - Clem

The DEWBOT VI Bill of Materials is available here.

Improved Possessor design - 21-March-2010 - Clem

DEWBOT VI with improved dual-roller possessor
An improved dual-roller possessor was developed in preparation for the Philadelphia regional competition. The addition of an unpowered back roller prevents the possessor from eating soccer balls.

Read more about the Possessor.

With the improved possessor, there is also a revised DEWBOT VI Bill of Materials for Philadelphia.