DEWBOT VI Elevator Speech

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This is our 2010 elevator speech. It's a work in progress, we are doing collective editing here.

DEWBOT VI Elevator Speech:

I am {name} I am a {roboteer, mentor, sponsor} with Team 1640. We are from the Downingtown Area School District, about 35 miles west of Philadelphia.

Our Robot is known as DEWBOT VI, or ‘Dewbot’ to friends.
Dewbot was fully designed and laid out using Autodesk Inventor prior to building.
Dewbot features a fully welded aluminum frame and kicking system; it is light and robust.
Dewbot has 4-wheel pivot drive with independent 4-wheel steering, allowing crab & snake driving.
It can cross the humps without flipping over, go through the tunnel, and the adjustable kicker can score goals from all three fields!
The vision system and programming on Dewbot allows it to shoot on goal during both autonomous and teleop modes.
It's a thing of beauty! It's agile, sleek, fast, effective and very durable. Welcome to Team Sab-BOT-age!

Other ideas:

It can spin across the floor doing high kicks!

It's a crab! It's a snake! It's DEWBOT VI!

( OK, maybe that should be a cheer for Jen... )

Dewbot can easily maneuver the ball and shoot on goal, as well as push the ball to the goal.

The crab can scoot in any direction at any time to get itself out of tight spots - and that's our 'bot - innovative, state-of-the-art drivetrain design.

Dewbot's kicker allows us to shoot on goal from the farthest field.

It can cross the bumps without flipping over, go through the tunnel,and score goals from the farthest field!