DEWBOT VI Mechanical Team

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Head Mentor: David Moyer

Student Lead: Matt Klufas


Clem McKown - Mentor
Mike Rizzo - Mentor
Gary Deaver - Mentor
Siri Maley - Mentor

Design Team Postings 1-Jan

Up-to-date provisional Pivot Drive Chassis Drawings were posted 1-January on the Design Team page. It's anticipated that the Chassis Frame Form (pdf drawings posted) will provide the initial development-building-testing platform for DEWBOT VI's scoring and bonus systems. The Chassis Frame Form will provide the Mechanical Team with a development & construction platform at the earliest possible time (before the Chassis is complete) and enable Chassis development (especially software development, tactics development and driving practice) to be conducted in parallel with building the scoring system(s).

Design Team Posting 13-Jan

Analysis of BUMP traverse with a proposed Chassis having 4" wheels and 28" wheelbase is available on the Design Team page.

Improved Possessor development