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The media team is responsible for all of the print and web media along with the robot graphics.

Media Members:

  • Ben Warner
  • Julie Bachmann
  • Christine Schaefer
  • Corey Davis
  • Melanie Klufas
  • Kenneth Au
  • Vamshi Voruganti
  • Nicole Wall
  • Sasha Wall
  • Siri Maley

Week 1 Progress

We received a review of our website by Dan Zollman. We met and talked about changes that needed to be made. We will start looking at skins to replace the existing (dull) format. We hope to have the new format installed by the end of week 3.

We are also in the process of restructuring menu's and the initial page.

Week 2 Progress

nothing <---- This Is A Problem!!! Media Team Members Come

Week 3 Progress


IMPORTANT!!! Media team members are needed to meet together on Sunday January 24 from 1:00 to 3:00 for a team meeting. We will discuss what are team does in more detail, and we will decide on what we are going to start to do. Media members COME!!!

{[(I)]}List to accomplish:

  • website format-(this is very dull):::
  • button designs-(fun collectors items at competitions):::
  • logos-(on the bot and us):::
  • advertisement-(how do we get our name out there):::

{[(I)]}will be dealt with over a period of time

Week 4 Progress

Week 5 Progress

Week 6 Progress


  • Chairman's Video started


  • Woody Flowers Award submission complete
  • Executive overview part of the Chairman's submission is completed
  • Last set of website updates complete, we are set to submit


  • Chairman's Award Essay Complete - Out for final review
  • Chairman's Video Complete - Out for final review
  • Sponsor logos collected - On track for the t-shirt printing
  • T-Shirts ordered so they will be at the printers
Small = 10
Medium = 36
Large = 46
Extra Large = 14
Extra, Extra Large = 4


  • Doug completes the shirt design and gets the fronts and back to the printers.
  • Website sponsor lists are updated with logos (Doug and Ben W)


  • Nicole delivered the CDs with the Team Slide show on it

Last Build Daze

  • We found a 2006 shirt, all of the sponsors were copied off of it on to the website (Andrew)
  • Started laying out the graphics for the sponsor logos on the robot top
  • Siri Maley upgraded the photo resolution on the Chairman's Slide Show
  • Siri created the design highlight handout/poster