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Downingtown Area Robotics Team 1640
Sab-BOT-age at Drexel
participated in the Philadelphia Regional at Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA) on March 25-27, 2010. The team won the Xerox Creativity Award and made the semifinals with the 5th Alliance (together with 87 and 639). This was our best performance at a Regional to date.


The drive team for all matches was Clem McKown (coach), Carly McKown (driver), Paul Klufas (operator) and Matt Klufas (human player) unless otherwise noted. The semi-final pit crew was alternatively Foster Schucker, Jon Davis, Scott Featherman and Siri Maley. Match videography was by Siri Maley, standard videography was by Jen Stanton, and photography was by Faith and Clem McKown.


Match 6: On Friday, 1640 won our first match 5-0 with 103 (eventual finalist) and 395 (semifinalist) against 834, 1634 and 365 (champion).
Match 15: 1640, 2729 (quarter-finalist) and 1495 squeaked out a 1-0 victory over 834, 423 (quarter-finalist) and 1791.
Match 21: 1640, 84 (quarter-finalist) and 87 (semi-finalist) won 5-1 against 1712 (quarter-finalist), 316 and 2607.
Match 27: 1640 played with 1647 (quarter-finalist) and 433 (quarter-finalist) to beat 2539, 1143 (finalist) and 2199 in a 6-1 victory.
Match 34: 1640, 1634 and 3167 lost a difficult 3-6 match against 486 (champions), 708 and 2729 (quarter-finalists).
Match 39: 1640, 321 and 2539 just lost 3-2 against 341 (champions), 2729 (quarter-finalists) and 709 (quarter-finalists) after 321 had mechanical difficulties. DEWBOT kicked a 3-zone goal, though!
Match 51: On Saturday, 1640, 486 (champions) and 1370 won 3-0 against 484 (quarter-finalists), 3151 and 2229.
Match 55: 1640 played with 1218 (quarter-finalists) and 1980 (quarter-finalists) to win a 9-1 blowout against 816 (quarter-finalists), 834 and 321.
Match 65: 1640, 3151, and 423 (quarter-finalists) lost a hard 8-4 against 204, 1391 (quarter-finalists) and 1647 (quarter-finalists).
We finished the qualification matches ranked 17th of 44 with a 6-3-0 record and were the first pick of the 5th Alliance.

Seeding Score: 123.00 (highest was 164.00) - up from 51 at FLR
Coopertition Bonus: 46.00 (highest 68.00) - up from 6 at FLR
Hanging Bonus: 4.00 (highest 16.00) - up from 0 at FLR
See Seeding Points Description for details.

DEWBOT VI was a solid scorer at Drexel. We generally scored several goals per match. Most scores were by kicking. We scored from all three zones. We did not score during autonomous.


Qtr 2-1: 1640, 87, and 639 (the 5th Alliance) beat 484, 1647 and 433 (4th Alliance) 8-3.
Qrt 2-2: Our alliance beat the 4th alliance 6-9.
We made the semifinals!
Semi 1-1: Our alliance lost to the 1st Alliance (365, 341 and 486; eventual champions) 2-11 after 87 broke down while defending against 341 in their home zone. Our alliance used our timeout and then the 1st Alliance donated their own timeout so that 87 could be fixed. Thank you 341, 365, and 486!
Semi 1-2: Our alliance lost to the 1st Alliance a close 7-8 after incurring a tough penalty when one of our alliance robots broke, extending outside of the bumper perimeter. Great competition!


We formalized some processes at Drexel. Immediately following each competition, we held a brief Pit Meeting during which the Drive Team, Scouts, Videographer and pit crew review the competition and highlighted any problems. Repairs, modifications and changes in tactics were discussed and agreed upon. A Pit action plan was developed and executed.

In addition, standard pit actions were posted as a Pit Checklist. Checklist items were executed following each competition.

Our end-of-FRC-season Post-Mortem Analysis is available. The Post-Mortem analysis is not a new process. We've done this before.


The team drove to and from Drexel daily on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. On Friday night the Kulfases, McKowns, Walls and Moyers and Jen, Amanda, Brianna, Siri, Foster, Cole, Ben, Andrew, Kenneth, Jon, and Julie ate dinner at 30th Street Station and then attended Team 433's social at Chestnut Hill Academy. We danced (almost all of us, in fact), talked, and generally made merry. Thanks for a great time, Team 433!

Members in Attendance


  • Carly McKown (Co-Captain, driver, pit crew-mechanical)
  • Paul Klufas (Co-Captain, operator, pit crew-programming)
  • Kenneth Au (pit crew-programming)
  • Corey Davis (media)
  • Brianna Edwards (scouting, cheering)
  • Amanda Fallon (scouting cheering)
  • Matt Klufas (human player, pit crew-mechanical)
  • Melanie Klufas (scouting, cheering)
  • Douglas Moyer (pit leader)
  • Ben Rajcan (programming)
  • D.J. Ramachandran (programming)
  • Cole Richter (mechanical)
  • Jen Stanton (scouting, cheering, back-up operator, videography)
  • Nicole Wall (scouting, cheering)
  • Sasha Wall (scouting, cheering)
  • Andrew Weissman (scouting, cheering)


Read team members comments about the event.

Philadelphia Regional Photo Gallery