DEWBOT VI Travel Supplies

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We will be taking spare parts with us to the events. We are taking five boxes:

Red - Safety equipment / display parts / Judges information

First Aid Kit
Safety Glasses
Emergency food - chocolate bars - crackers
Mounting base for Pivot
Gear cover mould
Judges Packet
Printed copy of Chairmans Award Submission
Printed copy of the 7 Questions
DVD of the slide show
Printed copy of the sides from the 5 minute talk
Slides for the 5 minute talk
Brag sheets (100 copies)

Blue - Electrical / Computer / Pneumatics


Black Jag
Gray Jag
Tools - small tool box labeled Electrical Tools
2' length of control cable to remake cables
Roll of #10 wire
Scott's PWM cable crimper
Volt meter (ours has broken leads, I'm buying new ones today)
Spare blue cRio -- Wireless cable
Spare camera
Two white power strips
One blue extension cord
In the box labeled "Foster Electronics"
Cable ties
Spare Circuit Breakers (20, 30, 40) one each
Handful of crimps in the sizes that we used
Collection of PWM cables
PWM pins and headers
Short Range and Long Range IR sensors and mounts
Electrical tape (the four color pack)
Spare wing nuts and 8/32 bolts
8/32 wing bolts for temp attachment of the cover
Spare Cherry position sensor
Spare Cherry position sensor cable
Spare window motor cable


Tether cable - Green 20'
Driver Station
Driver Station Power Brick
E-Stop button
Two joysticks
Spare cRio, solenoid, analog and digital modules.
Spare digital side car and adapters (analog and solonid)
Spare joystick
Spare hub
USB stick with the Driver Station Image


Roll of green tubing

Black - Mechanical Parts

Spare Pivot
Parts to replace treads.

Silver - Tools

Tubing cutter
Roll of duct tape
Velcro - both regular and the extra sticky
Two sharpies - black and red
Tools needed to replace wheel treads.
Blue handled side cutters
4 smallest flat blade screwdrivers
The giant flat blade screwdriver we use as a pry bar
Small phillips driver
The very very small jewelers phillips driver
Small tap set (or just the 8/32, 10/32 and 1/4 20 taps, dies and handles)

Clear - Battery (robot and drills)

Four robot battery labeled #1-#4
One pit battery (#5)
Three drill batteries
Three robot battery chargers
Two drill battery chargers
Power strip with the long cord


Case of water
(We are not supposed to bring outside food into the pits, water is OK)
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