DEWBOT VI proxy chassis

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During the 2010 Build Season, Team 1640 designed and fabricated a proxy chassis as a time-management tool. The proxy chassis duplicated the key geometry and construction of the forward portion of the robot chassis, focusing on accurately duplicating every chassis element which would or could interact with the Kicker.

The proxy chassis enabled us to turn a mechanically and electrically functional robot chassis over to the Programming and Field sub-teams to allow them time to work uninterrupted, while the mechanical sub-team focused on making the Kicker system as functional and reliable as possible. This was very successful.

The proxy chassis is a welded aluminum structure, like the robot chassis. Unlike the robot chassis, we did not include lightweighting holes (to save time). Also, while we accurately duplicated the chassis elements the Kicker "saw", we also took the opportunity to utilize unused old aluminum stock, which we believed would have limited utility on future robots (such as 2" x 2" x ¼" 6063 "U" channel)where we could accommodate this.

CIMs were mounted on the proxy chassis, because they take up space which could interfere with Kicker elastics.

Likewise, the proxy chassis included provisions to mount a front bumper, to understand that the bumper did not interfere with kicking (it didn't).