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This page contains a week by week breakdown of what we did.


We attended the kickoff at Upper Darby HS where we were introduced to Lunacy via the NASA telecast from FIRST's New Hampshire headquarters.

Week One - Research and Brainstorm (1/3-1/10)

  • Inventoried the Kit of Parts
  • Researched previous designs in old FIRST Behind the Design books
  • Discussed dumping versus shooting, benefits of rotating, etc
  • Researched, tested, and analyzed Rover wheels' frictional coefficients
  • Analyzed wide versus long chassis and 4 wheel versus 6 wheel drivetrain
  • Settled on 6-wheel drive wide chassis, designed based on the hypothetical 2008 drive system, cut necessary pieces
  • Began discussing fishtailing the trailer and perpendicular/pivot wheels
  • Began designing Moon Rock pick-up system and Empty Cell holder (t-rex gripper)
  • Began discussing heads-up display
  • Welding practice
  • Worked on building trailers
  • Began developing meeting planning model
  • Began discussing field-sharing with local teams
Week One Photo Gallery

Week Two - Prototype and Chassis Fabrication (1/11-1/17)

  • Welding practice
  • Welded chassis
  • Researched and prototyped spiral hopper with brushes
  • Designed 7th Wheel
  • Determined control strategy details
  • Worked on drive programming
  • Worked on trailers
  • Discussed field-sharing with local teams
Week Two Photo Gallery

Week Three - Chassis Fabrication and Hopper Prototyping (1/18-1/24)

  • Examined stiff, spiral vanes
  • Examined lexan-walled or aluminum-railed hopper
  • Prototyped hopper and spindle (determined entire turret would rotate with potentiometer)
  • Designed aluminum rail hopper
  • Prototyped wheel and pneumatic shooters
  • Designed single under-ball shooter
  • Welded frame
  • Completed and painted chassis
  • Began fabricating 7th Wheel
  • Milled gearbox gears
  • Completed gearboxes
  • Began wheel drive modules
  • Worked on drive programming
  • Examined traction control
  • Worked on camera-control of hopper
  • Continued discussing heads-up display
  • Completed first trailer and outpost, continued working on second
  • Continued developing meeting planning model
Week Three Photo Gallery

Week Four - Hopper Fabrication (1/25-1/31)

  • Prototyped beater-bar shooters
  • Settled on pneumatic shooter
  • Milled bearing blocks
  • Finished wheel drive modules
  • Fabricated beater-bar
  • Drove chassis base
  • Finished 7th Wheel
  • Finished tank drive programming
  • Designed battery mount
  • Bent and welded outer hopper spiral
Week Four Photo Gallery

Week Five (2/1-2/7)

  • Designed electronics panels
  • Tested beater-bar
  • Fabricated spindle
  • Finished 7th Wheel mount
  • Finished 7th Wheel drive programming
  • Wrote basic operational spec
  • Scrapped t-rex claw for Empty Cell idea
Week Five Photo Gallery

Week Six (2/8-2/14)

Beth paints the box, we assemble the box outside in the freezing cold and we ship the robot.

Week Six Photo Gallery

Final Few Build Daze (2/15-2/17)

Beth paints the box, we assemble the box outside in the freezing cold and we ship the robot.

Final Daze Photo Gallery