DEWBOT V Monty Madness

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We played very well at Monty Madness on May 16th, placing 21st out of 42 teams. We were not selected for the playoffs.

We won our first three out of five qualifying matches. We lost the fourth through our own good efforts.

The fifth qualifying match was the heartbreaker. We were up against Ms. Daisy (341) and Team 271 the Mechanical Marauders. But we were partners with Team 1279 - Cold Fusion, a real strong scorer. But 1279 never showed for the match. Their drive train broke so they just sent a human player (despite this, 1279 finished in 3rd place and repaired their drive train). We played well, but lost in a lopsided score (which happens when one of your alliance trailers never move).

Paul Klufas was our driver.

Amanda Fallon was the operator.

Matt Klufas was our human player.

Our play was solid throughout. A great showing with two rookie players.

This was DEBOT V's first run with the shooter converted to a dumper. This improved our scoring performance. It also highlighted the need to speed up the spindle to dump the balls faster.

Once again, we ran a competition without anything breaking. The pit job has been a dull one this year!

Monty Madness Photo Gallery