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1640 played well at Ramp Riot. Our robot scoring performance (hitherto not a strong point for us) was way up.

Carly drove very agressively, and has become adept at pinning between the robot and trailer, so that we can score. Ken and Paul took turns as Operator. Cole, Matt & Vamshi were our Payload Scecialists and did a great job. Ken and Ben R took the lead on scouting.

While the modified shooter/dumper performed very well (with the addition of our improved pinning tactics), the Empty Cell Hook was not useful. It's just too far away from the Outpost hole.

We experienced one serious field problem during the 17th qualification match (our 3rd). We had a bad battery which simply died just after Autonomous Period, leaving us dead on the field. Never a good thing. The battery was a new one (2009) which was tested (for voltage) prior to installation. It's been removed from service for testing.

Other than the bad battery, there were no problems experienced with the robot. DEWBOT V has proven extraordinarily reliable in service. As a result, 2009 has been a very disappointing year for our pit crew.

We won 3 of 5 qualifying matches, placing 17th of 36. We were not selected for an alliance, serving as the Third Alliance's spare; we did not play.

The text of a received Lessons Learned is offered. It's pretty close to the mark.

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