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HAVOC is a rookie off-season event hosted by our old, good friends: FRC 708 (Hatters). Held at Hatboro-Horsham High School.

The event was remarkable for its volunteers and their dedication. Nikki Stout flew in from Dallas. Koko Ed Patterson drove from Rochester. Joe Troy, Brian Sherman, Tom Wexler & Jessi Kaestle were all there!

We brought quite a few new students. But we really didn't really come ready. Repairs we knew we needed to do weren't done. Systems weren't really working. Of, course, we can fix this all before the first match, right? Think again, buttercup.

The pit was a busy place, fixing all of the problems we had hitherto deferred. We got our heads back in the game as well. In the end, we did okay and seeded 2nd in quals with a 5-1-0 record and 16 Ranking Points. 4342 (Demon Robotics) and 5181 (La Salle Robotics) joined our alliance. FRC 869 (PowerCord) took the top slot with 18 Ranking Points and won the event. We did not make it into finals.

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