DEWBOT XII Indiana Robotics Invitational

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GoPro video from IRI
Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI) was held 15 & 16 July-2016 at Lawrence Central High School (a venue change) 7300 E 56th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. FRC 1640 has participated in IRI every year starting 2010. Last year, we were selected for eliminations for the first time and ended up as Finalists!

This was a rough year for us at IRI and we performed poorly in the qualification matches (2-7-0). While some of the problems were alliance issues (we were 1 robot down in 5 qualification matches), we also made our own trouble:

  • Catapult shot low in early matches
  • Auto-aim shot left in early matches
  • Had a drive-side failure (1) match
  • Set-up issues made autonomous CDF crossing unreliable
  • Incorrect knot caused us not to scale in eliminations

Our own trouble is under our control. Its up to us to prevent these issues.

On the bright side, we were selected for the 6th Alliance with 2481, 330 (both 2016 World Champions) and 3824.

I made some observations around the utility of Mecanum Wheels for Intakes.

IRI Photo Gallery