DEWBOT XII Mid-Atlantic Robotics District Championship

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1640 suffered some serious loss of mojo since Westtown. The major issue was with the rebuilt boulder intake; the original fell apart (very nearly) to dust at Westtown. At first we would rebuild to old specs. But we were able to make it better, faster, stronger. We had the Technology! But, alas, the new, improved intake just didn't work. We spent the qualification matches making it work. We also lost a qualification match due to battery failure.

The intake was largely working by the end of qualification matches. We were, however, ranked 49th in a field of 60 teams with 24 ranking points and a 5-7-0 record. Quite a poor showing for us. But we had demonstrated strengths as well, particularly in scoring high goals from the outer-works and during autonomous.

Fortunately, team 5895 (Peddie Robotics) saw this and invited us to join the 4th alliance. Team 56 (ROBBE) completed the alliance. We finished as semi-finalists, losing to the 1st alliance (225, 341 & 1257), who went on to become MAR Champions.

Thanks to 5895 selecting us in the 1st draft, we qualified for FRC Championship! St. Louis, here we come!

Team 2559 (Normality Zero) graciously awarded us the Battle Cry Award for "Oh my Lordy, it's 1640".

MAR Championship Photo Gallery