DEWBOT XIV Duel on the Delaware

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Robot view of qualification match 12
Held at Salem Community College in Carney's Point, NJ and hosted by teams 365 (Miracle Workerz) and 316 (LuNaTeCs), Sab-BOT-age has participated every year starting 2007. This has been a good competition to us. We were Finalists in 2008 (with a terrible robot) and 5-time winners in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016.

The event was an important training opportunity for the team. 20 students graduated from 1640 last June and as a result, almost all of our key competition positions are being filled by students without experience doing these jobs.

Vinny served for the first time as Lead Scout.

Ella and Sai alternated as Operator. Ella for the first time (Sai was at HAVOC).

Daniel was Drive Coach.

Bhavanah served as Human Player.

The team did well, winning all five qualification matches. Unfortunately, we received 3 RPs for only two of these and as a result finished as 4th seed. We made an alliance with 4342 (Demon Robotics) and 321 (Robolancers), but we didn't get past quarterfinals.

Thanks to alumni Matthew, Ian & Bobby for joining us and helping out!

Duel on the Delaware Photo Gallery