DEWBOT XIV FIRST Mid-Atlantic Championship

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We ended qualification matches in 20th place (of 60) with a 7-5-0 record. We were the 1st pick of FRC 25 (Raider Robotix), the 2nd Alliance Captain. FRC 1089 (Team Mercury) completed this powerful Alliance. We finished as Finalists in the rubber match. Congratulations to 1st Alliance winners 2590 (Nemesis), 225 (TechFire) and 2016 (The Mighty Monkey Wrenches)!

Sab-BOT-age received the Industrial Design Award. The Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors celebrates form and function in an efficiently designed machine that effectively addresses the game challenge. Their product and process reflect the mission of FIRST, by demonstrating sound technology development from start to finish. According to the judges:

This team went straight to a focus on speed and cube placement, then mixed things up by turning their lift inside out. Say it with me...oh, my lordy.... Congratulations 1640, Sab-BOT-age!

At the close of the FIRST Mid-Atlantic competition season, 1640 is ranked #4 in MAR with 274 ranking points (behind 2590 Nemesis - 355 pts, 225 TechFire - 336 pts, and 25 Raider Robotix - 309 pts).

Sathya Yalvigi volunteered as a Judge, Clem McKown served as Robot Inspector.

FIRST Mid-Atlantic Championship Photo Gallery