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The 3rd was held on 6-October-2018 at Hatboro-Horsham. 23 teams participated, including three 2nd robots: 607 (2607's 2nd); 1717 (1712's 2nd); and 2434 (4342's 2nd).

We won! 1st seed 2590 Nemesis picked us. Good start in building a strong alliance. Our 2nd pick, the last robot left to pick (607 & 1717 were removed from selection, to allow all teams to be picked), bizarrely declined our invitation! Really? Does this ever happen? Honestly, if they were planning to decline, they should have let the organizers know so that one of the eliminated robots could have taken their place in the normal order of picking. So we ended up with 607 as our 3rd robot. Wow. This bizarre turn of events left us with a super alliance.

With 20 students graduating from 1640 at the end of the last season, our crew was new. On our drive team, only our driver, Cameron, was a veteran. The rest of the drive team was:

  • Drive team mentor: Eric Weissman
  • Coach: Daniel
  • Operator: Sai & Aerin (alternating)
  • Human Player: Joey & Bhavana (alternating)
  • Technician: Nathan

Braden served for the 1st time as pit captain. The balance of the pit crew comprised:

  • Nathan
  • Sai
  • Bhavana

The drive team and pit functioned very well, both pulling together as effective teams. Cameron stepped up to serve as the glue and voice of experience on the drive team.

We really had no scouting at HAVOC.

We were (3-2-0) in qualifications; (4-0-0) in the Round Robin; (2-0-0) in Finals.

Larry Dodds is now head mentor.

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