DEWBOT XI FRC Championship

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An awesome year for us at FRC Championship. While the team did not tread the hallowed ground of Einstein field this year, we very nearly did so; and as alliance captain rather than 2nd pick.

We finished qualifications as Archimedes 5th seed out of a field of 76 teams. We spent an anxious evening into the wee hours on Friday night working on our elimination strategy and putting together our alliance pick list. We put together a winning strategy and a great pick list.

...and then the impossible happened. We were able to pick up two complimentary team from our #1 pick list. Impossible! Picking up FRC 1310 (Runnymede Robotics - Toronto, ON, Canada) was enormous good fortune. Getting FRC 217 (ThunderChickens - Sterling Heights, MI) on the 2nd round; priceless. 1640, 1310 & 217 made an awesome and balanced alliance. And don't forget our 3rd pick, 2383 (Ninjineers - Plantation FL).

While we made it to Archimedes Finals, problems with DEWBOT's lift limited our scoring capability and we were unable to advance beyond this point.

2-Championship Town Hall Meeting

FIRST leadership explained their decision for a 2-Championship system starting 2017 in a Town Hall meeting.

Robot Evolution

Refined the RC burglars to work faster, utilizing a combination of mechanical and software improvements.

3-tote autonomous is now a reality, thanks to an RC-Bapper, software and a huge effort by the team, especially programmers.

FRC Championship Photo Gallery