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First semifinal match
Hosted by teams 1647 (Iron Devils) and 2729 (Storm) at Senaca High School, Tabernacle NJ. 1640's second qualifier for the 2015 season and our 3rd time at the Seneca (a.k.a. Lenape-Seneca) MAR Qualifier.

This turned out to be a very good competition for us. We finished qualifications as 1st seed and invited 1218 (Vulcan Robotics) and 5113 (Combustible Lemons) to join the 1st alliance. Together, we won the event.

Sab-BOT-age again received the Motorola Quality Award.

The team earned 73 MAR qualifying points, bringing our total to 134.

During the competition, 1640 mentors and students assisted rookie team 5640. On Saturday, the team's mentor had to leave at noon, leaving three students on their own. Sab-BOT-age's Ryan participated in 5640's matches as human player.

By the way, this was 1640's first win as alliance captain since the 2011 Philadelphia Regional. Been a long road.

Robot Evolution

The complex dual-fork lift was replaced with a simpler & lighter single fork lift, saving over 5 lb which may be applied more usefully. With this change, we bid farewell forever to the potential ability to score coopertition stacks. That's okay with us. The new lift is fitted with spring steel wedges on the bottom to correct minor tote misalignments.

The simple Intake Wheels were replaced with double-decker wheels having large, soft lower wheels and tennis ball uppers. When closed for 1st tote drop, the upper wheels serve as an ersatz ramp, making feed more reliable and eliminating tote on their sides. The upper tennis balls also stabilize the RC during transport from RC capture to the human player station and improve reliability of feed for totes following the first tote. The pointy ends of the Intake Arms were rounded.

A pair of 1/4" fiberglass poles secured to the floor and running through light-weighting holes in the lift were added to prevent tote misalignment too far aft.

Don't tip over software was employed successfully; inspired by our two tips at Hatboro-Horsham. This feature utilizes gyroscope information from the Navx board. A great software solution to a mechanical problem.

Seneca MAR District Event Photo Gallery