DEWBOT XVI Shooter Arm

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The Shooter Arm design concept comprises an arm containing a 5-Power Cell (7" foam ball) magazine with a 2-wheel shooter at the end. The arm also includes the switch-climbing and spinner mechanisms. The Shooter arm can be lowered to allow easy trench passage.

Key Performance Requirements
  • 5-Power Cell magazine capacity
  • Jam-free feed of Power Cells into magazine and to shooter
  • Must allow rapid, easy transit through Trench
  • Must be able to score in Outer (preferably Inner) Goal from Trench zone
  • Rapid fire (>1 shot/sec)
  • Must fit within starting perimeter & height
  • Arm elevation must remain static when robot is unpowered
  • Must load Power Cells from Human Player Station
  • Must be compatible with floor pick-up of Power Cells
  • Must accommodate Hanging mechanism for Generator Switch (and leveling mechanism?)
  • Should accommodate Control Panel spinner

Concept Development

Our first step was defining the possible geometry of the arm. A 5-Power Cell linear magazine required at least 35 inches of magazine length. Chassis length and width can be manipulated (within the limits of the perimeter rules). to help everything fit.

Here is the actual worksheet.

Big Arm
The design proceeded to this level before it was abandoned. It was abandoned because it was perceived to be too easy to block with a tall robot.