DEWBOT XV FRC Championship

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For the 9th consecutive year, FRC Team 1640 qualified for the FRC World Championship.

Sab-BOT-age (FRC 1640) finished qualification matches ranked 9th out of 68 teams on Archimedes and ended up as 8th Alliance Captain. Our gratitude and sincere thanks to FRC 271 (Mechanical Marauders), FRC 3015 (Ranger Robotics) and FRC 4391 (Gladstone BraveBots) for joining us in Eliminations. We had a good run, defeating the 1st Alliance 2-1 in Quarterfinals. Alas, the 5th Alliance was simply too good for us to beat in Semifinals - Archimedes 5th Alliance (teams 5406, 930, 1310 & 4004) went on to become Archimedes Champion and FRC Championship Finalist!

FRC Championship Photo Gallery