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HAB Climb Lift Deployed
HAB Docking, earning at least 15 HAB Climb Bonus Points, earns an alliance a ranking point. A Level 3 climb allows one alliance partner to earn 12 points by itself, so a 3 point Level 1 climb by another partner is all that's needed to achieve HAB Docking. Our HAB Climb Lift is designed to reliably enable a Level 2 or 3 climb.

The HAB Climb Lift comprises a deployable "drive-train on stilts" separated into forward and rear HAB Lifts.

The forward HAB Lifts consist of a widely separated pair of wheeled lifts located just behind the front swerve modules. These are lowered and raised together, powered by the Lifts Gearbox. The wheels of the forward HAB Lifts are undriven.

The rear HAB Lift consolidates two driven wheels on a single axle into a single unit. The rear HAB Lift is raised and lowered by a dedicated motor: a 775Pro with a 100:1 2-stage Versaplanetary gearbox. Wheels are driven by another 775Pro with a 35:1 2-stage Versaplanetary gearbox located on the top of the lift, driving the wheels via a long driveshaft.