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The Lift changes the level (height above grade) of the Hatch and Cargo scoring systems.

Key lift objectives and design points are:

  • It needs to be fast! <1 sec transit time from bottom to top positions
  • For speed, use lift rather than arm
  • Power-up experience was valuable for design purposes. 1640's Deep Space lift is very different from Power-Up's; it's faster!
  • A fast lift is a light lift. Design focus was on minimizing mass of materials lifted
  • A corollary of the above point: The Lift should not be used as the forward component of the HAB Lift
  • (3) stages needed to meet height constraints & scoring range
  • While cascade was clearly preferred, this was not practical in light of the need to start in Hatch-scoring configuration (not full down) - so serial lift employed
  • Power lift both up and down (don't rely on gravity)
  • 1" x 1" x 1/16" 7075 Al square tubing was used for the majority of the lift
  • (2) 775PRO motors needed to drive the Lift, at 35:1 reduction and 2 inch diam spools for cable (1/8" string)

Daniel was the lead Lift designer.