DEWBOT XV Suzhou Sights

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This page is part of a series covering Team 1640's 2019 trip to China as an invited team for the RCC Qianjiang International Robotics Open. Other pages related to our China trip are:

Egret Park - 28 & 29 July-2019

Our hotel in Suzhou was in a park, Egret Park, on the shores of Dushu Lake.

Suzhou Center Mall - 28-July-2019

Pingjiang Road, Suzhou - 29-July-2019

The International Teams visited the Pingjiang Road (平江路) neighborhood of Suzhou on the evening of 29-July. Suzhou is an old city, founded in 514 BCE, which became a prosperous trading center with the construction of the Grand Canal c. 600 AD. The city was devastated during the Taiping Rebellion of the 1860s, losing commercial dominance to nearby Shanghai at this time.