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This page is part of a series covering Team 1640's 2019 trip to China as an invited team for the RCC Qianjiang International Robotics Open. Other pages related to our China trip are:

We had three great days of sightseeing in Wuyuan county (婺源县), Jiangxi province (江西省) before heading home. The local dialect is a Hui dialect (徽语) and Huizhou (徽州) culture and building practices predominate (like in southern Anhui province immediately to the north of Wuyuan). Due to the area's remoteness, many old and traditional buildings still survive. The county is capitalizing on this now to develop a tourist industry.

Lunch in Jiangwanzhen - 5-August-2019

Jiangwanzhen - 江湾镇

Our first lunch stop in Jiangwanzhen - 江湾镇.

Visit to Huangling - 5-August-2019

Huangling - 篁岭

Huangling (篁岭) is a Hui dialect (徽语) and Huizhou (徽州) culture village on a mountaintop. Traditional village production included vegetables dried in woven trays suspended off the sunny sides of houses. Today, it's a tourist center accessible via cable car.

Hotel in Wuyuan - 5-August-2019

Sanqingshan - 6-August-2019

Sanqingshan - 三清山

The International Teams visited Sanqingshan, a granite batholith. The mountain is a sacred Taoist site: SanQing (三清) meaning "Three pure ones". This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We walked only about 8km, but climbed and descended roughly 87 stories. Lots of steps!

Wood carving factory visit - Ziyangzhen - 7-August-2019

Ziyangzhen - 紫阳镇

Jiangwanzhen reprise - 7-August-2019

Jiangwanzhen - 江湾镇