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Qualification match #20
1640 came to Midknight Mayhem with an all-new drive team and pit crew. The drivers were not our regular driver-in-training, but recent 8th graders just moving up from FTC 7314 (Eric & Brad D).

We also brought along a new 2-ball high autonomous to take advantage of an available fourth autonomous ball.

How did we do? Pretty well. Our qualification performance earned us a 4th seed spot (in a field of 32 teams) with a (4-1-0) record. We accepted team 869's (Power Cord) invitation to join the 3rd alliance, which was filled out by teams 4361 (Roxbotix) and 191 (X-Cats). We were eliminated in the quarterfinals rubber match, losing by 4 points.

The new 2-ball autonomous never missed a shot and worked (i.e. scored both balls in the high goal) 9 times out of 9 attempts (we also successfully scored our only single-ball autonomous attempt). Scoring in the hot goal is random.

We made our first competition truss shot catch in our last QF match. Lucky, but not accidental. Wasn't enough to win, though.

The event is hosted by team 1923 (The Midknight Inventors) in Plainsboro NJ. This is really a well-organized event.



Patrick C
Truss shot catch in QF4-3
Lucy - Lead Scout
Paul - Pit Captain
Ian - Human Player
Sullivan - Pit Programming & Videographer
Eric - Driver
Brad D - Operator
Rachael - Human Player
Laura - Pit Mechanical & Programming
CJ - Scouting


Andrew Weissman - Coach
John Weissman
Mike Rizzo - Coach
Clem McKown - Pit & Photography
Faith McKown - Logistics & Photography
Julie Christopher - Programming
Deborah Drago
Christopher Drago
Douglas Moyer
Ben Rajcan

Alumni & Family

Gwen Moyer
Marianna Curran
Richard Tipperman
Kenneth Au
Paul Klufas

Midknight Mayhem Photo Gallery