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The Downingtown Area School District has been a long-time supporter of the robotics program in the district schools. The former superintendent, Dr. Sandra Griffin, was instrumental in getting us funding, access to space, and in generating support from both the School Board and the District Staff. We look forward to working with the new superintendent (as of May 13, 2009), Dr. Larry Mussoline.

We also receive support from the schools our students go to:

Downingtown East High School -- Paul Hurley III

Downingtown West High School -- John Nodecker

Downingtown Middle School -- Thomas Mulvey

Lionville Middle School -- Judy Groh

We currently work in the Downingtown Educational Center (DEC), administered jointly by Downingtown Area School District (DASD by Linwood Smith Jr. the Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) by Charles Bonner). Many thanks to Greg Berger, the vocational teacher at DEC, as well for offering us storage and work space.