FTC 7314 Eastern Pennsylvania Qualifying Tournament 2016

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The Eastern Pennsylvania Qualifying Tournament, graciously hosted by Miss Daisy at the Wissahickon Middle School was FTC 7314's first competition of the season.

Okay. We really were not ready for a competition. Our competition robot didn't even attend (because robots that move are just so much more interesting than those that don't). So we brought Budget Bot, our prototype chassis. Budget Bot can do just one thing: push the beacon buttons. One important point: it can do this in autonomous, and this is a useful ability.

It turns out that Budget Bot performed well. So did the team. We finished qualifications as 4th seed and were joined by FTC teams 8528 Rhyme know reason and 7055 Cruzin Comets Alpha to form the 4th alliance. Alas, the 1st alliance defeated us in semifinals and went on to win the tournament. Congratulations to 1st alliance teams 9372 (Standard Model), 9971(LANbros) & 6964 (Team IGUtech) on their victory.

Three Sab-BOT-age volunteers worked at this event: mentor Sathya Yalvigi (7314), and students Laura and Joshua G (both FRC 1640).

Eastern Pennsylvania FTC Qualifier Photo Gallery