FTC 7314 Engineering Notebook 2014-10-29

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
10/29/14 6-9 TCHS Brandywine Josh, CJ, Laura

Tasks Reflections
FRC Lessons
  • CJ and Laura went to learn and complete tasks in FRC. CJ watched a presentation on CAD and tasks in a FRC build season. He learned about how to use CAD to create complex parts and assemblies. Additionally, he learned on what to do after a game release and how to use the 6 weeks given in FRC efficiently. The knowledge gathered from the presentation gave him ideas on completing the robot efficiently in a reasonable time period.
Mounting IR Beacon Sensor
  • Josh worked to mount the sensor for the IR beacon so it would stay in the 18in. box. He completed this task with around 1/2 inches to spare.

It was mounted to a servo so it could extend to the appropriate height for the IR beacon.

Reverse Goal Grabber Servo Motors
  • Josh had to work with Laura to reverse the Servo motors due to the wires connecting it to the controller wire on the outside.
Change Battery Position
  • Josh changed the battery position from the top of the robot to the back due to the top-heaviness when it was on top.
Servo Controller
  • Josh mounted the servo controller next to the battery.
Mounting Power Switch
  • Josh cut plastic then attached it to the top next to the power switch.

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