FTC 7314 Engineering Notebook 2014-11-10

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
Monday, November 10, 2014 6pm-9pm TCHS Brandywine CJ, Brad, Trevor, Laura, Justin, Amal, Braden, Akhila

Tasks Reflections
  • Brad and Trevor worked on creating posters for the team, and also worked on creating more "fun" concepts for competitions, such as items to hand out or notecards.
Programming and Electrical
  • Over the week, mentor Julie figured out that the reason the original code was not working properly was because the motors were wired to two different motor controllers on the robot.
  • Akhila and mentor Julie worked to rewire the motor controllers correctly, and after a few attempts succeeded.
  • The code was then updated to match the new wiring, and a test autonomous VI was configured.
  • This code and the robot were on the same page, and were both successful!
  • The code still needs to be tested with case structures, but the programming team is crossing their fingers!
  • The teleop code was also successful, and was then continued into use for driver practice.
Mill Work
  • Justin, Andrew, and two new students for the mill worked on completing the aluminum tubing for the chase. Unfortunately they did not get to finish the linear slide that was supposed to be finished today.
  • Tonight was Amal's first night using the mill, and he enjoyed it very much!
  • At the end, Amal and Andrew had to use the mill for a very small piece.
  • The new students of the linear slide finally learned the correct way to use the mill, due to Andrew and Justin's methods.
  • They have finished 3 parts and we have 4 more parts to go!
  • The linear slide team is very excited about the design and is eagerly awaiting the final product!
Continuing the Prototyping for the Bapper
  • Today, Laura worked with some mentors to make more progress on the bapper prototype to launch the ball.
  • They worked in the machine shop to add a way to connect a motor, and lock the one way bearing into place.
  • After a lot of machine work, they finally got to run our prototype with a motor.
  • It appeared to work at first, but after a few rotations the force proved to be too much for one part. They forgot to lock the part connecting to the one way bearing, essentially making it a two way bearing.
  • Next week, they will attach that part better, and test with a motor for real.

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