FTC 7314 Engineering Notebook 2014-11-24

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
Saturday, November 24, 2014 6pm-9pm TCHS Brandywine Laura, Nick, Braden, CJ, Akhila, Trevor, Justin

Tasks Reflections
Discussing the Qualifier
  • We all had a team meeting to discuss the upcoming qualifier. A few extra meetings were scheduled for this week , because the tournament is coming really quickly.
  • We also assigned leads for the tournament. Laura is the pit lead. Nick is the programming lead. Akhila is the scouting lead. CJ and Justin (in no particular order) are the driver/backup driver. Braden and Amal (in no particular order) are operator/backup operator. These are all subject to change between the first and second qualifier.
Pulleys for Linear Slide
  • Braden and Justin worked on the mill to create the pulleys for the linear slide.
  • They were able to almost finish all the brass plates.
  • The mill was really quite frustrating, but their sheer motivation and determination pulled through!
  • The pulleys will be done soon, hopefully!
Modifying Bapper
  • CJ and Laura worked on modifying the bapper to work with the small balls. Previously, the smaller balls could fit on either side of the bapper, without being hit.
  • They decided to add a small rectangular piece of plastic to each side, so the small ball would definitally hit the bapper.
  • They drilled holes in the bapper, after many problems with clamping.
Autonomous Work
  • Nick worked on development of autonomous. He found a bug that resulted in not being able to use case structures.
Installing Tube for Shooter
  • Laura installed the tube that the shooter will shoot the balls through.
  • She had taken the tube home the night before, so she could spray paint it yellow. It was really dirty before. Now the robot looks spirited, with its yellow tube and blue chassis.
  • There were 4 holes drilled, and Laura had to put the flat head bolts in the tube while it was installed on the robot. It took a little while, but eventually the brightly colored tube was installed.
  • A little while later, someone noticed the tube was slightly crooked. If it can not be fixed, the team will have to procure a new one and spray paint it again. Laura doesn't mind, because she liked spray painting!
Adding the Front Wheels
  • Laura added the front omni wheels to the robot. Once more chain is ordered, the wheels can be chained together!
Working on Robot Framework
  • Akhila and Trevor, with the help of mentor Larry, worked on the Tetrix framework and upper "stories" for the robot. This framework will house the motor/controllers, servo controllers, the battery, the Samantha module, and the NXT brick.
  • They managed to get a good bit of it done.
  • Two of the upper pieces were cut with a bandsaw. This was Akhila's first time using the bandsaw, and despite her prior mechanical reservations, she enjoyed using the bandsaw immensely!
  • Next meeting they hope to make just as much, or hopefully more, progress, as this upper framework is essential to the electrical work.

Action and idea Journal

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