FTC 7314 Engineering Notebook 2014-12-01

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
Monday, December 1, 2014 6pm - 9pm TCHS Brandywine Akhila, Nick, Brad, Laura, CJ, Trevor, Justin, Josh, Braden, Amal

Tasks Reflections
  • Josh worked with Justin, Andrew and Josh's grandfather in order to mill the elevator connecting bracket, at amazing speeds of 1/8 inch per minute! Although the speed was quite fantastic, the precision was still exquisite.
  • Last meeting Justin milled a new part for the robot in plastic. Today, it was made in metal, which took a long time to mill. One cut took 7:42 to complete, which is a very long time.
NXT Case
  • CJ worked on building a temporary case for the NXT. It was built in case the Autobots, another FTC team also based in TCHS Technical school, are not able to 3D print a NXT case in time for the competition on Saturday.
Servo Mounting
  • First, Laura and Braden took of the large servo mounts, because they realized they were too close to the pistons, and would hit. They decided to replace them with the smaller servo mounts that had occupied the space previously.
  • Braden and Amal were mounting the servos during the meeting.
  • Amal was the one who screwed it in and Braden was the one holding the servo.
  • Amal got help from the great Mr. Scott Featherman on the servos because in the beginning they were one short of a servo.
  • They figured out a smart way to wire the electronics and secure the mounts.
Making Goal Guide Shorter
  • Laura worked to make the goal guide shorter so it did not rub on the ground.
  • She used one of her favorite tools, the dremel, to remove the excess plastic.
  • After she finished, multiple people starting noticing a strange smell. The mentor then determined Laura killed the motor in the dremel. It could no longer be of any use. It was a sad day for FTC 7314. Luckily there was a spare dremel.
  • Laura found out she smoked the motor because she was cutting too slow. It was melting the plastic, instead of cutting it, and all the plastic buildup caused the motor to smoke.
Making the Winch to Raise/Lower the Linear Slide
  • Laura and Trevor worked to make the winch for the linear slide. Trevor learned how to cut the spools on the lathe. They looked wonderful when he finished.
  • Then, they worked to broach the spools, and cut some shaft keys. Finally, the winch could be assembled.
  • Hopefully, next meeting they will be able to string up the linear slide, and raise/lower it.
  • Akhila worked on editing the notebook.
  • Though it could get tedious, the thought of competition being so close pushed her through it!
  • A couple pages had really slight formatting problems, which were tedious to fix. On the bright side, she learned some markup language which will be useful!
  • Brad worked on the Outreach once again. The notebook is really starting to come together!

Action and idea Journal

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