FTC 7314 Engineering Notebook 2015-11-24

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
23 November 2015 6-9 pm TCHS Brandywine Snarr, Akhila, Amal, Matt, Jake, Daniel, Myles, Justin, Braden

Objectives / Systems Hypotheses, tests, observations, conclusions, plans
  • Bullet point for each hypothesis, test, observation, conclusion, plan
Objective in bold Matt help dissemble the lift prototype to get extra parts
  • Bullet point for each hypothesis, test, observation, conclusion, plan

Tasks Reflections
  • Today was a really good meeting for the programming team! Jacob and Akhila, with the help of Mr. Abersold, got a lot of work done!
  • Over the past few meetings, Jacob and Akhila have been working on the floor autonomous routine, which involves the robot moving toward the color beacon, pushing the button, and scoring two climbers.
  • During these meetings, they had a lot of issues concerning the color sensor readings for white. No matter how much they looked over the code, they couldn't find the bug! (although, some other bugs with the compass were found).
  • This meeting, Akhila and Jacob closely monitored the logs each time the program was run, something that wasn't paid attention to before. They found out that no readings at all were coming up for the white color. Before, they had considered that the readings weren't strong enough.
  • Then, they looked at readings for the other colors, and found that when the color sensor was placed directly over the white, the readings for green were the highest, meaning that the alpha color was the bug. (Look out for Green is the New White, and FTC 7314 original series, coming to a streaming platform convenient to you!)
  • After, they changed the code to read green and tested it again. Success! Just to be sure, they tested again, and again. It worked all times! The movement is still a little choppy, so the code still needs to be refined.
  • Another problem that arose was that the robot drifted off quite a bit during it's long travel to the beacon. This was solved by shortening the distance, and changing the angle that the robot turned at in the beginning.
  • Next meeting, the team hopes to finish this auton by adding the push button sensor. Also, up until this point, programming tests have been performed on a prototype robot from summer (affectionately named Mr. Roboto), so values will have to be tweaked according to the nuances of the final robot. Time is running short, but the team will try to make the best of it!
Axle Building
  • Daniel worked on lathing
Workshop, ramp, and servos
  • Justin worked with Braden on attaching the servos for our intake, and then cut, and bent the plastic.
  • Myles learned how to use a heat gun, thanks to Braden, and helped build the drive sprocket for the debris lift train.
  • Braden worked on finding the right parts to put the servo mount and servo on the bot. he then worked at measuring and cutting for the RAMP. He then had to bend the piece to a precise 90 degree angle.
  • Bennett drilled a hole in the ramp sprocket. Then he drilled holes that would be for the servo controller, and put bolts into those holes. He then worked on putting veins into the ramp belt, and on cutting the spacers that would go between the ramp belt.

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