FTC 7314 Engineering Notebook 2015-11-30

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
November 30 2015 6:00-9:00 p.m. TCHS Brandywine Akhila, Josh, Snarr, Justin, Daniel, Amal, Matt, Myles, Bennett


Tasks Reflections
Workshop Work
  • Daniel got over his fear of sparks when he had to grind some bolts and taught the rest of the people how to assemble the tank tread spikes, as he was the only one who knew how to do it because he had to do it once for homework. he drilled a hole in a sprocket using the lathe then attached it to a griping thing.
  • Matt help grind the bolts to assemble the tank treads on to the robot.
  • Myles helped grind bolts, assembled tank treads, and drilled holes in them.
  • Bennett helped Myles, Matt, and Justin grind nuts, which would be integrated into the alternative treads. He also tightened a servo.
  • Josh spent the meeting doing a wide variety of jobs. First, he assisted Clem in creating the scoring system by cutting a thin piece of tetrix to a shorter size in order to attach the two pieces of plastic together. After drilling these holes just bent the metal piece so it would fit against the plastic tubing properly, and putting in the bolts in to keep it in it's place. After completing this task Josh went to work with the duplication of the tank treads with nitrile pieces on the top. This process proved tedious and he will bring the tread home to finish it. Josh then spent the rest of the time helping to test the robot's climbability.
  • Justin worked on the new wheels, and the treads. This is final touch work so that everything is in best shape for the competition.
  • Today was a really good day for programming! They got a lot done today, both on the autonomous and teleop front!
  • A few meetings ago, the programming noticed a familiar friend showing up in the code; the encoder reset bug. They added a step to reset the encoders, and they hope for the best.
  • They realized that even though the basic code for all the autonomous was all written, more code was needed for the inside starting position, and for the other side (blue). Because all the steps are the same, all the steps were just copied and pasted into a new class. For the inside position, they tweaked the values to fit the distance. For the blue side, they just changed the direction of the turns. After that, the only thing that was left was to register the new opModes in the registry. Bare bones for auton is all done, and all that's needed is some value changes for the parameters. On Wednesday, they will test the autonomous and change whatever is needed, as well as test teleop.
  • They also coded some manual controls, including tweaking the motors for the arm.
  • Akhila learned that coding is easier when you don't have to test aferwards!
  • Amal watched Akhila and Snarr code today until the end, where he coded for the blue inside and the red inside. Amal also learned not to shorten words when programming due to many mishaps could occur.

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