FTC 7314 Engineering Notebook 2015-12-28

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
December 28,2015 6pm-9pm TCHS Brandywine Josh, Amal, Bennett, Daniel, Trevor

Mechanical Work
  • Bennett and Matt built the 18 x 18 inch sizing cube first. We found the rights nuts and bolts and completed the sizing cube. This will be used to insure that we fit within the sizing cube with no issues.
  • Daniel put a hub on the other side of the beacon button pressing device. he made a prototype for the pull-up bar arm. he did this by making a piece of plastic with a hook on the end that will, when released, will fling up and grab the bar and then winch up.
Robot Improvement
  • Trevor and Josh worked on making the rescue arm work properly in order to be able to possibly score climbers during the autonomous period. Throughout the meeting they also worked to tighten several bolts throughout the robot, as well as, adjust servos to their proper positions.
  • Josh worked to replace the servo operating the climber arm to a weaker one in order to slow down the rate of the arm through and hopefully make the climber scoring more reliable. He also worked to make sure the servos for the climbers on the hill were in proper resting positions.

Tasks Reflections
  • Tonight, Justin and Mr. Abersold started on the code for the pieces that deploy the zip line climbers. This will be crucial to the team's performance in matches because the climbers are worth lots of points.
Workshop cleaning
  • At the beginning of the meeting Justin cleaned the workshop; mainly the table which had about a robots worth of parts on it.

Action and idea Journal

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