FTC 7314 Engineering Notebook 2016-03-09

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Team Members in Attendance:
9 March 2016 6-9pm TCHS Brandywine Akhila, Trevor, Josh, Justin, Bennett, Matt

Tasks Reflections
Button Making
  • Matt, Justin, Akhila, and Trevor worked to make a button making assembly line. Trevor was in charge of printing out the paper and cutting them into strips. Akhila was in charge of cutting the circles out. Justin and Matt were in charge of the button making machine by lining up the front and back and pressing the lever.
  • Trevor had made really nice button designs, and we're really happy with how they look.
Zimpline climber paddles
  • Josh and Bennett worked to complete the panels for the zipline climber hitter. They completed both paddles and mounted them on the robot. these paddles will be tested in the next meeting. If these paddles work they will cut the plastic tab to be the correct size and fit within the sizing limits.
  • The design was suggested by one of our FRC student mentors who referees a lot. She had said that our prior design was really weak, and was bouncing around, which is why the servo broke so often.

Action and idea Journal

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