FTC 7314 Engineering Notebook 2016-1-2

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
TCHS Brandywine

Objectives / Systems Hypotheses, tests, observations, conclusions, plans
Small improvements and fixes
  • Justin made small improvements to the robot like the servos that will hit the zip lines. Justin also helped program the zip line servos.
'Team organization
  • Tonight the team organized positions at competitions. We chose who would be in the pit, scouting, and judging.
  • The team decided that Amal would be the Scouting Captain. Amal also vacuumed the game field due to it becoming dirty.
  • Myles listened to Amal explain the types of scouting and tried to help organise people into teams.

Tasks Reflections
Bennett and Braden had to make a piece that would extend out so that the progamers could be of a little bit and the button pushers would still hit the button
  • Braden had to make sure to cut each a exact width of 2 inches and a exact 3 1/2 inch length they also had to make sure the bolts were flush withe the plastic
  • Matt helped create a list organizing all of the jobs everyone would do at the qualifier and learned the key points of pit scouting and scouting in general.
Task in bold
  • Bullet point for each reflection

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