FTC 7314 Southeastern Pennsylvania Qualifying Tournament 2016

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FTC 7314's second qualifier for the 2015-2016 season. We were much better prepared for this event, but so was everyone else. Still, we did well. We managed a (3-2-0) qualifier match record which put landed us as 10th seed out of 34 teams.

4th seed / 3rd alliance captain team 8528 (Rhyme Know Reason) picked us as their first choice alliance partner. Team 7423 (Flaming Phoenix) completed the 3rd alliance. We finished as semifinalists.

The team received the PTC Design Award. According to the Judges:

For the design award, this team has it all right. They are wearing gold to reflect their winning style. You see, they have a clean simple design, obvious functionality, and a notebook full of incredible CAD renderings. Their design shines with brilliance.

Southeastern Pennsylvania FTC Qualifier Photo Gallery